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Understanding Pennsylvania Health Insurance Terms

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Are you considering offering your workers Pennsylvania health insurance?  Unless you are familiar with the terminology that insurance companies use, you might struggle to understand what different health insurance plans actually provide. We have listed a few of the most common terms that you might encounter. Co-pay (or copayment) is the part of a bill … More

What Is Commercial General Liability Insurance?

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Although a business enterprise may need property insurance coverage for the risk of physical losses, it’s essential for any business to carry commercial general liability insurance as protection for the financial consequences of lawsuits.  This insurance product covers the risk of being sued, and may compensate the business for the cost of defending claims and … More

What Are Pre-Existing Conditions?

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When applying for Pennsylvania health insurance you will be required to provide details of pre-existing medical conditions. We’ll explain what pre-existing conditions are and why they are important to insurance companies. In determining health insurance premiums, insurers take account of the risk of insuring different groups of clients. It’s inevitable that many of the healthy … More

Should You Purchase Commercial General Liability Insurance Or Professional Liability Coverage?

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Are you confused about the different types of liability insurance policies that are available for business enterprises? The most basic type of business liability insurance is commercial general liability insurance that covers third party claims for a variety of damages.   The range of risks covered by commercial general liability insurance is wide:  • It … More

Pennsylvania Home Insurance And Your Garage

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Occasionally people query whether garages and sheds are covered under their Pennsylvania home insurance policy. Insurance policies can differ in the detail so you must always check your particular policy however in general, garages and sheds are usually covered. When it comes to insurance and your outdoor buildings there are a few points worth knowing. … More

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