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Business is unpredictable. But buying business insurance doesn’t have to be.

As your trusted choice for Pennsylvania insurance, we know that customizing a business insurance package, to fit your specific operating needs, is no easy feat. With a variety of coverage options and state laws to abide by, you need someone with superior insurance knowledge and expertise to help you secure the most effective business insurance plan.

Generally speaking, the goal of doing business is to maximize profits, while continuing to minimize overall costs. This however requires making strategic plans that account for anticipated expenses as well as outline actions for accurately reinvesting your profits.

Keeping costs at an acceptable level involves securing comprehensive commercial insurance. Pennsylvania business owners need someone like, Henry Dunn Insurance, who has worked hard to not only build a positive agency reputation, but strives to supply superior business insurance strategies. In our effort to best serve you, we have developed commercial coverage solutions that strategically balance your distinct needs, and operating requirements—while also helping to reduce the financial impact of unexpected losses like natural disasters, lawsuits, employee injuries, and more.

As a local Pennsylvania business owner, how can you determine what you need out of your business insurance? State regulations will determine basic insurance requirements; among the common policies are general liability insurance and workers compensation.

All in all, typical business insurance packages can include a combination of these following coverage options:

We even offer a variety of specialty products that can enhance your overall commercial insurance package including: business disability insurance, excess liability and more!

At Henry Dunn Insurance, being your preferred commercial insurance broker means that we truly understand the importance of having budget-friendly – yet complete – coverage in place, no matter how big or small your business enterprise may be. We take pride in the ability to identify the required Pennsylvania state policies and suggest the most effective and affordable insurance solutions for your business venture.

Feel free to give us a call; we’d love to provide you with more information regarding Pennsylvania commercial insurance, workers compensation, specialty products like business disability insurance and so much more!

Contact Henry Dunn Insurance right now to get a free business insurance quotes and let us help you better protect your business venture today!