Dealing With Product Recalls

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It seems that every day there is an announcement that another product has been recalled for one reason or another. The most recent recall that made headlines is the Bumbo baby seat. The Bumbo seat is designed to hold a young baby in the seated position. The voluntary recall was done by the company because there have been numerous claims involving babies fracturing their skulls after falling backwards out of the seat. The company is offering a free repair kit including a safety harness, new instructions, and new warning labels.

So what happens when you own a shop and a product recall comes in? It’s really simple. You pull all the products from your shelves and DO NOT sell them to your customers. It would be helpful to leave a note on the empty shelf stating where the product has gone. You will also need to post the recall information and accept recalled items back from your customers with a full refund.

You should make sure all your employees are aware of the recall and know how to address the situation with your customers. Some customers may have questions or may even ask if they can still buy the product anyway. It is against the law to sell any product that has been recalled, so be sure none of your employees mistakenly offers the product to your customers. If your customer got injured or sick because of the recalled product, you would be liable.

The company that manufactured the product will give your store the proper refund or non-recalled replacement in exchange for the recalled products. They will also give you all the information you need to give your customers regarding repair kits or replacement items. Keeping your customers safe is in everyone’s best interest, so follow all recall guidelines.


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