Sleeping On the Job

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It seems that a lot of people have made the news lately for falling asleep on the job. Air traffic controllers, policemen…everyone is at risk of falling asleep on the job – especially when the job consists of sitting stationary for long periods of time. How can you avoid it? Here are some easy tips to help keep you awake during those long business hours:

Before you go to work, do some push ups. They say that doing 10 pushups can have the same effect as having a cup of coffee to wake you up. Better yet, when you’re done with those pushups go for a quick run. It will bring up your energy level for the day and keep you awake throughout your shift.

When that late afternoon rut starts creeping in, don’t rely on a cup of coffee as a pick-me-up. Caffeine can stay in your body for a long time. If you have coffee in the late afternoon, it can affect your sleep that night. By drinking it, you might think you are keeping yourself awake but in actuality you might just be setting yourself up to be just as tired tomorrow afternoon at the same time. Try eating an apple instead. You will get the same boost in energy and it will be a much healthier alternative than that cup of joe.

When you start feeling a bit groggy at work, take a break if you can. During that break, go for a brisk walk. Don’t just go to another room and sit down. Give your eyes something different to look at for the few minutes. Get your heart pumping. You’ll feel like a new person when you get back to your seat.

If you are so tired that you can not function properly at work, don’t put yourself or anyone else at risk. Stay awake!


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