Fraudulent Workers Comp Claims

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We would like to think that our employees are all trustworthy, but the sad truth is that not everyone we hire is an angel. In the same respect, we like to think that our employees will never get hurt on the job either. When those two unexpected issues cross paths, you could be dealing with a possible fraudulent workers comp case. It’s not to say your employee is not truly hurt, but how long he milks the system for workers comp benefits is another thing entirely.

Hiring private investigators to check on your employees who are out on workers compensation might sound like a sneaky thing to do. Unfortunately, it is sometimes a necessary means to find out whether or not your employees are truly hurt. If you have concerns about an employee that can not come to work because of an injury, talk with your workers comp claims department to see what steps can be taken.

In California recently, a woman was found to have been committing workers comp fraud by a private investigator. For weeks, she had been out of work for an ankle injury that she claimed was so painful she could not walk without crutches. An investigator was hired to follow her and found her not only walking without crutches, but walking around in high heels engaging in very “physical” activity with her boyfriend in a public park.

If you suspect your employee might be trying to pull one over on you and your PA workers compensation carrier, it is your duty to speak up. Talk to your claims rep and see what you can do to find out the truth. Hiring a private investigator might be a good option to see what’s really going on in the claimant’s world. They can find out the truth for you.


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