Business Recovery Plans

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Last year, Hurricane Irene ripped through Pennsylvania and the Northeast furiously -leaving almost no one in her path untouched or without some sort of damage. Some local businesses were damaged so badly that they could not recover and were forced to shut their doors forever. Having the right Pennsylvania business insurance policy and developing a business recovery plan is wise to keep your business protected from that type of unfixable damage.

Setting up your business recovery plan is similar to how you would plan for a disaster at home. Your first priority should always be to keep everyone out of harm’s way. Start by setting up an emergency response plan that you want your employees to follow and run regular drills. Set up a list of important phone numbers and addresses like police, insurance agents, etc.

Assess your business to see what will be affected if a disaster strikes. If your business is damaged, how will you get your product to your customers? You may need to find an alternate way. If employees are injured, can you still run your business? You may need to hire temporary employees and will need to work that into your budget. How about the rest of your community? If your business wasn’t particularly damaged, but the roads and affiliated businesses were, can your business function properly?

If your business can not operate from its current location while repairs are being completed, can you find an alternative location to work from? Also, do you have an outside data storage firm for all your computer data

Finding answers to these questions now will be an easier task than waiting until a disaster does happen. You can contact your Pennsylvania business insurance agent for pointers on setting up your business recovery plan. Keep your employees and our business safe.


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